The Greatest Show on… what’s left of Earth 21


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Washington DC, as it had once been called, was a city with a lot of American History spanning more than two centuries. Perhaps not much by some others in comparison. But most of those older cities in Europe were gone now, a vacant wasteland, or so the stories went.

Ne Babylon as it was called had been built upon the ruins and the bones of DC and the Black Rain Caberet was a part of that history. It was built upon a foundation where once stood a merchant home whose sympathies were inclined towards helping slaves escape. Beneath the main floor was a basement and in that basement were tunnels. They led underground for a time and let out into what had once been the marshlands that made up the whole of the area in the early days of the city’s founding.

Where they led now, or where Tosh would find himself remained unknown to him. He knew there were some tunnels but they had always been used for storage. The old iron grille gates blocking them off before anyone got very far don them into the unknown darkness of history’s passing.

What ghosts lingered in those tunnels, hiding in the shadows of the black of time mostly forgotten?